High-performance self-propelled horizontal mixer wagons

General features

Front milling cutter

2000 mm front milling cutter with 600 mm wide channel and adjustable lowering speed via proportional joystick control with 200 hp power.

Rear engine

VOLVO PENTA stage 5 -160 kw rear engine, with a displacement of 5500 cc and the addition of the “AD BLUE” urea additive.

DG device weighing system

The 4 weighing cells allow precise weighing and less weight fluctuation. The FIVE control unit has 50 recipes and 20 components.

System with two RBS horizontal mixing screws

The mixing system adopts an advanced design with two counter-rotating augers equipped with boron steel knives. This configuration makes for gentle and extremely homogenous mixing of the materials being processed. The use of robust boron steel knives enables fast cutting of fibres, making them ideal for industrial applications requiring precision and efficiency in handling fibrous materials. The strength and hardness of boron steel contribute to the durability of the system. The system offers an advanced solution for rapid and uniform mixing and cutting, particularly suitable for contexts requiring high quality and speed of processing.

Choose the model


Compactness, dynamism, meticulous finishing and a profile that conveys the feeling of great strength and power are the characteristics that define all Daytona Self-Propelled Wagons, along with extraordinary manoeuvrability, great comfort, and exceptional cab visibility. The Milling Apparatus can quickly de-silo all kinds of products, including flour and grain from silos, without leaving residues on the ground.


  • Self-propelled silo-unloading mixer distributor wagon with 2 horizontal augers
  • 5mm thick tub walls and 10mm thick bottom in S355J2
  • Volvo Penta engine, 4 cylinders, 5500 cmc, 160 kw
  • Milling cutter for maize silage, straw bales and grass silage
  • Central side discharge conveyor on the right as standard, with chute

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