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Our mixing technologies

Technology with one or more vertical augers equipped with boron steel knives and counter-knives

The revolutionary vertical auger technology in agricultural mixer wagons is redefining the livestock feeding process. Thanks to an innovative design, the vertical auger makes for efficient loading of ingredients, ensuring even and precise mixing. This vertical approach optimises the space in the mixer wagon, for greater mixing capacity. In addition, the vertical auger technology reduces process time, improving overall efficiency in livestock feeding operations. A technological solution that combines practicality and performance to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern agricultural sector.

Horizontal auger equipped with specially designed paddles to ensure accurate mixing of ingredients.

The revolutionary horizontal cutting blade auger technology in agricultural mixer wagons has introduced a new standard of efficiency in livestock feed preparation. This innovation is based on a horizontal auger with specially designed cutting blades, optimised to ensure the accurate mixing of ingredients. Thanks to this advanced configuration, the ingredients are loaded efficiently, while the cutting blades ensure an even distribution of nutrients.

This technology not only improves feed quality, but also helps reduce operating time, allowing farmers to optimise their daily animal feeding operations. The horizontal cutting blade auger presents itself as a significant step towards increasing efficiency and precision in agricultural processes, improving the nutritional management of livestock overall.

Horizontal counter-rotating augers that rotate in opposite directions to ensure even mixing of ingredients.

The revolutionary counter-rotating horizontal auger technology in agricultural feed mixers is redefining the standards of efficiency and precision in livestock feed preparation. This advanced system utilises two horizontal augers that rotate in opposite directions, ensuring a homogeneous mixing of ingredients. The counter-rotating configuration helps to eliminate dead zones within the mixing wagon, ensuring an even distribution of nutrients. This innovation not only optimises the mixing process, but also reduces operating time, increasing overall efficiency in animal feeding operations. Horizontal counter-rotating auger technology is a significant step forwards in the evolution of agricultural mixer wagons, bringing tangible benefits to farmers engaged in the care and feeding of livestock.

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Vertical towed mixer wagons with one or more augers

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Extremely reliable and high-performing horizontal mixer wagons

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High-performance horizontal mixer wagon

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High-performance self-propelled horizontal mixer wagons

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High-performance self-propelled vertical mixer wagons

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Shreds and distributes bales of straw, cornstalks, sawdust and rice dust.

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The range of second-hand mixer wagons, straw choppers and silage machines varies over time and consists of reconditioned, repainted, refurbished vehicles under warranty, according to their specific condition

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