Silage Bagging Machine
Poseidone Plus is the last generation machine for the tubular silage. Here
the main novelties:
1- Transport is done through a removable hitch bar and 2 rear wheels that are making the machine maneuverable
2- The pressure of the material in the bag is given by a central cable mounted on a winch with double brakes hydraulically controlled and with 4 brakes mounted on the wheels
3- The back stop is small and connected with just one steel cable with high resistance. This special and unique system allows quick and easy starting of the machine.
4- Four hydraulic steering wheels to make easier the steering while working.
The use of 4 wheels and of the central cable reduces the overall dimension of the machine allowing the positioning of 4 bag in the same space previously needed for 3 bags.
5- Machine is equipped with a small crane with electric winch for easy loading of the bag on the machine saving time and power. Replacing the upper part of the tunnel it is possible to mount bags of 8-9-10 feet.
6- Loading conveyor with rubber belt thickness 10 mm is hydraulic and has variable speed controlled by a valve. The material is pressed with 3 coordinated rotors with a new design, which grant a production increased of 50%.