It ‘very important to keep a constant water temperature in the cold seasons, but especially in hot weather. In fact, as reported in the “Informatore Agrario” a specialized magazines on agriculture, the water temperature influence the water requirements and the productions of the animals.
For adult animals to extensive metabolism, such as dairy cows to high production, it is recommended the administration of fresh water, around 15 ° C, during the summer months (better temperature control, lower stress and higher production), while for younger animals, such as calves, it recommends a water temperature of 20-22 ° C.
The heated water drinkers for animals in stainless steel are designed for the maximum comfort of the animals.
The water drinkers are formed essentially of two parts: main reservoir and inner tank.
In the main reservoir is the load of the cold water and the heating of the same to the desired temperature. In the inner tank is the water for watering cattle.
This allows to have always available hot and clean water, thanks to the water capacity of the loading system.
In fact in the inner tank is sufficient a small dose of water for the animal requirement, so as to minimize the risk of proliferation of germs and bacteria and algae. All the system of loading and discharge of water works by an electrical panel watertight.
The internal water level is regulated by two sensors, that control the opening of the solenoid valve and can be easily adjusted according to the need of the client.
The simplicity and easy cleaning of the tank are made possible thanks to the quick discharge and the cold water shower. This enables a more frequent washing, since the quantity of water to be replaced is little
Once clean, it does not present the problem of heating the water again, as in the tank the water is already at the required temperature.